Friday, March 19, 2010

Add this ebay buyer to your Blocked Bidders List!

I had the ultimate pleasure of doing business with a non-paying bidder with the username of: sparkleyraindrop aka Roqel Pina of Arcadia, California. She managed to win 12 of my items and never pay.

On my auction style listings I offer shipping at 2.00 for the first item then .99 for each additional. She manually manipulated the ebay invoice to only pay .99 shipping for her entire 12 purchases. Once I realized that she was quite the scam artist, I immediately opened an unpaid item dispute so I could recoup my fees. She never responded to the dispute so ebay closed the disputes in my favor.

Once the disputes were closed, she left me negative feedback on 6 of the items. I knew this was reported her to ebay and was informed that ebay will be removing the negatives soon. Please add sparkleyraindrop to your blocked bidders list before she does this to you.

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